"Let it Float"

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1. Five Years Later
2. Let It Float
3. Peace In the Valley
4. Stones and Mountains
5. Love You Forever
6. Clear As the Water
7. Mr. Walker
8. Hands Of the Potter
9. Some Crazy River
10. In Our Sleep
11. Two Hands Clappin'
12. Dust Settles In
13. To Be Your Dad

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"Let It Float" in the Charts

CKMS-FM 100.3 Radio Waterloo
Jan 25 to Jan 31 2008 - #16
Dec 21 to Jan 3 2008 - #2

December 2007 - #6


About the CD ‘Let It Float’

On a trip to Prince Edward Island in 2005, ‘I and I’ , as they were known to their friends, met Lester Stubbert, an accomplished East Coast musician and producer. He listened to their songs and was keen to produce their music and play guitar and keyboards on the CD.

The next summer, in 2006, ‘I and I’ returned to PEI and started recording with Lester at his Studio 317, near Charlottetown. He finished producing several of the songs over the next year and had local East Coast musicians Courtney Logan play fiddle/violin and Peter Mutch play cello on several of the tracks. Then in the summer of 2007, final production and mixing of the CD, "Let It Float", was completed with producer Len Guchardi in Shelburne, Ontario.

Ian and Ingrid’s daughter, Linnea, age 8 at the time, joined her dad in a duet for the last song,"To Be Your Dad", adding her delightful voice to the mix. She was also the photographer for the CD cover!

CD titles often come from interesting places. Years ago, Ian was in the midst of a major dilemma. A friend suggested he should approach it differently, that he should "let it float" and see what surfaces. Those three words were life changing and also became the title for this first CD.

In November, 2007, ‘Let It Float’ became available for purchase.

Presently, MacCallum&Langhorst are preparing to perform live in 2008 with Bill O’Sullivan (guitar player on "Love You Forever" on the CD) in and around Grey and Dufferin Counties, and are looking forward to it.