About MacCallum and Langhorst


Ian MacCallum and Ingrid Langhorst are Canadian singer-songwriters who have just put out their first CD, ‘Let It Float’, a compilation of thirteen of their original songs.

Ian grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, and started writing poetry in highschool at the suggestion of a friend. Writing became an essential balance to playing Junior hockey with the Ottawa (later "Gloucester") Rangers and other sports. His time at University of Toronto, studying the Arts and Humanities, continued to fuel his thirst for fresh ideas and provided him with precious years to think and write. Ian spent the following 15 years in British Columbia and down the West Coast, often sipping coffee and writing into the night at the Bocca Bar in Vancouver’s Kitsilano area. In1984, he bought a guitar and started putting his words to song, which became a life-long pursuit and passion.

Ingrid has been singing and loving it for as long as she can remember. She started formal training at the age of 8 and continued into her teens in her home town of St. Catharines, Ontario. It was during her years at Trent University and a subsequent backpacking expedition through Mexico, that her love of folk music became a focus for her own singing. Singing songs of popular singers of the day including Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez at the request of some local club owners in Cuernavaca, she also realized she enjoyed performing in intimate settings. She began writing her own music in the late 1980's . It was her love of singing, songwriting and singing harmony which brought her together with her husband Ian.

Ian moved back to Ontario and met Ingrid at Brock University’s Faculty of Education. They first sang together on stage for students at the Toronto Island School and realised they loved singing together, that there was a special, intangible quality to their music when they sang together. His wedding gift to her was, quite appropriately, a song. Their common interests in music, writing and singing have continued to blossom into about 40 original songs, with new ones continually being written.

Now living in Dundalk, a small town in rural Ontario, Ingrid and Ian share their love of writing and singing. Ian finds inspiration and the urge to write late at night; for Ingrid it is the solace of the northern wilderness. For both it is their strong interest in the human condition and a desire to write songs that make a difference. Their songs could best be described as roots/folk/adult alternative.

They have often been told how well their voices compliment one another, and they have learned that when they sing together, their songs take on new dimensions.